Bear Sightings in Brookfield!

The Big Black Bear I saw in My Backyard!

You live in Brookfield, there is no chance you would run into a bear, right? Wrong.

In 2017 there were around 80 Black Bear sightings in the town of Brookfield alone. For the state of CT the total was in the 6000 range. While this may not seem like a lot, it doesn’t change the fact that this chance encounter could happen. An encounter with a bear can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Here is some information on the Black Bear and what to do if you happen to encounter one.

Black Bears are native to the area, and have been increasing in numbers recently. These bears are omnivorous, meaning that they could destroy your vegetable garden and follow that stunt up with gobbling up your annoying wife. Big loss there right? While they tend to keep to themselves, they can get drawn to humans especially when food is left out.

To prevent bears from gathering around your home or campsite take heed of the following tips:

  1. Remove bird feeders in the summer time: Due to breeding season, bears are the most active during the summer. Having a bird feeder out gives a bear a reason to visit your property.
  2. Wait until morning to take out trash: bears tend to eat at night.
  3. Do not leave food/pet food outside overnight: Again, bears tend to eat at night.
  4. Do not feed them: Bears like to come back to places where they know there is food. In addition to this, although pretty skittish when around humans, a fed bear will become more comfortable and eventually lose its fear of humans.

If you happen to run into a bear

  1. Make noise and wave your arms: bears are timid creatures, if you frighten them, they may scatter.
  2. Back away slowly and leave: if unprovoked the bear might lose interest and leave you alone.
  3. If it moves towards you, get louder and throw objects: bears do not resort to confrontation unless they have to. All this noise and projectiles should be enough for them to change direction and walk away.

Please report any run-ins to DEEP, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (860-424-3333). The dispatch is available 24hrs and is able to provide advice on your situation.

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