Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company

Keeping the Brookfield, Connecticut Community Safe since 1934

The Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company is one of the two Fire departments in Brookfield (the other one being The Candlewood Company). As the name suggests, it is 100% run by volunteers. This fire department started out with around 20 members in 1934, and has since grown to 80 volunteer members.

Its main facility is located on Pocono Road. This state of the art facility was built in 1991 thus replacing the old headquarters in Brookfield Center as well as Station A on Federal road. This facility is complete with 14 docking stations, a classroom, a kitchen, a training space, offices and living quarters. When its firefighters aren’t out on a job, they are usually doing training or maintaining their equipment and vehicles. The Candlewood Company is located in the Candlewood Shores community on Baywood Dr. While it works in conjunction with the Fire Company for most of its jobs, it is the first response for emergencies on the lake.

In addition to taking care of fires and assisting with ambulatory services, the Volunteer Fire Company hosts and helps out with numerous community events such as:

  • Kids Day: The Fire Company opens up its doors to the whole community for a day of food, fun, and education. Individuals get tips on fire prevention and are educated on many facets of safety.
  • Fill a Fire Truck: the fire company receives donations of nonperishables and supplies. All donations are handed to the Brookfield Food Pantry
  • Santa Visits Your House: A firetruck with Santa drives around Brookfield on specific days in December and delivers presents to the households that requested the services. Children will also have a chance to pose with Santa for pictures.

Some ways that you can give back to the fire department are by donating money, food, or your time. Every year the Fire Company, as well as the Candlewood Company will go to door to collect donations.  If you would like to volunteer as a fire fighter or EMT you are going to have to dedicate some time for classes and training. Becoming a member can take several months of rigorous training and classes, after you take the entry exams of course.

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