Four Corners in Brookfield, CT

The Downtown that our Local Community has been waiting for!

What looks like another intersection to most individuals, is actually Brookfield’s unofficial second center. Located on the intersection of Station and Federal Rd, this location remains a popular landmark for most Brookfieldians. What makes this intersection so unique isn’t the 4 gas stations on each corner, but actually the business and community around it.

A few years ago, conversations were started around turning this area into the new Brookfield Town Center. Due to issues with zoning and other regulations, this conversation was tabled until 2015 which was when these issues were resolved. The new goal was to turn this area of the town into a commercial, pedestrian friendly destination that will attract a younger crowd. This new community will include shops, restaurants and apartments, and will be surrounded by much needed sidewalks and improved lighting. Due to these conversations, two initiatives were born: Brookfield Village and Four Corners Revitalization Plan.

Brookfield Village
This mixed use development project has been approved for funding. This new community will include shops, restaurants and apartments. The layout will be 4 large multi-use buildings, with shops and restaurants on the 1st floor, and apartments above.  The area in between the buildings will be turned into a really nice patio which is perfect for restaurants and shops. This project will take place in two phases during which two of the four buildings will be constructed. The First phase was completed in late 2017. Lessees have already started to claim their space in the two newly constructed spaces, and more are starting to set their eyes on the two buildings that will be built in 2018.

Four Corners Revitalization Plan
This plan is focusing on improving the “streetscape” of this part of the town. This 4 stage project will focus on extending and improving the existing sidewalk, amenities and lighting starting at Four Corners.
4 Stage redevelopment project to rejuvenate the Four Corners section of town.

These two initiatives, in addition to the recent completion Still River Greenway, are two of many to come. There are plans underway to give this section a facelift with new stores, better roads, and new residents.