Still Water Greenway in Brookfield

Go for a Walk with Your Family through Fairfield County

What started out as a short dead-end trail next to the Brookfield Station, has grown into a 2.5 mile walkway that extends all the way to Four Corners.

The still river greenway is an initiative started by the town of Brookfield in 2000. 16 Years and 3 million dollars later, the greenway was opened. This 2.5 path is a great spot for walks, runs and biking. It is 10 feet wide and crosses the Still River which is an iconic Connecticut waterway. In addition to being handicapped-accessible, the path has amenities such as rest stops, lighting and benches. It also boasts having the longest pedestrian bridge in Connecticut at 170 feet long.

The greenway runs parallel to the Still River and has several entrances. The main entrance, the Police Station, is located 3/4ths the way up the walkway. For parking there are spots available at this entrance, as well as the police station and the municipal center. The walkway extends another .5 mile to the south towards route 133. The northern entrance of the walkway is located approximately across from The Hearth on Federal Rd. There is no parking at this entrance at this time, but it is being looked into for a future initiative

This project was broken up into two phases. The first phase saw the construction of a paved trail that runs from the Municipal Center to the Town Center (Four Corners) of Brookfield. This part of the trail was completed in 2012. The second phase includes a trail that loops around in the woods. In order to monitor the usage and impact, sensors were placed on the greenway. In 2017 an estimated number of 60,000 to 80,000 individuals have used it in its first year, which is a great increase from the expected 20,000.

According to the town of Brookfield, they aren’t done with the trail. This greenway was meant as a catalyst for several other projects going on at the same time which hope to bring more life to this side of the town. One such project plans on cleaning up the “streetscape” of the Town Center area. Part of that project includes extending the sidewalk at Four Corners all the way to the Northern entrance of the greenway. Also, more parking will be added at that entrance.