The Best Restaurants in Brookfield, CT

Brookfield has many amazing places to eat!

Brookfield has a lot of restaurant in their town and in the surrounding towns. If you are looking for fine dining when in Brookfield then you should try the Candlewood Inn. Settled on Candlewood lake this restaurant has a gorgeous view of the lake. This Inn also hosts weddings and has beautiful gardens. Eating here is a like dinning like nobles.

If you travel into Danbury, right on the border, you will have a chance to eat at the best steak house in the area. Black Angus is by far the best steak house you will ever eat at. You are greeted by the owner who seats you immediately, and your waiter/waitress have tasted everything on the menu to help you choose. I start off my meal with a seafood appetizer, I know seafood at a steak house who does that? It is fresh and cooked to perfection. Then I would share the 40oz porter house with my wife. For desert you need to try the chocolate moose with Amaretto, your taste buds will die of happiness. Their wine and drink list are impeccable and will have something for everyone. If you are looking for some family friendly restaurants, then I would recommend either Maggie McFly’s or The Hacienda. McFly’s is a great place for the family it has something for all ages and has a very friendly staff.

They have been in Brookfield for over ten years, and many residents keep coming back to them. Their bar also has great drinks and shots for all occasions. The Hacienda Don Maule is a fantastic authentic Mexican restaurant. During the evening they hire bands to sarinda their guests while they eat the best Mexican food around. If you want to host a large group, Hacienda has their own private room that can accommodate over 30 people. Their food is cooked fresh with the best ingredient’s. If you are craving a great burger and famous French fries, then Five Guys is the place to go. Their chain is known all over the country, but compared to any other burger in the area theirs is the best. Brookfield has many great restaurants, you can’t throw a stone with out hitting one. Go on out and discover some great food.

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