Top 10 Restaurants in Brookfield, CT

Counting down the Top 10 Places to Eat out in Brookfield, Connecticut!

Finding a great place to eat in the Town of Brookfield isn't too easy.  There are many fine dining establishments to choose from scattered throughout the town, but here's my take on the top 10 places to eat in Brookfield, CT.

1. Down the Hatch

Down the Hatch is an amazing place to eat, but mostly because you can arrive at this little restaurant by boat.  Lakeside dining at it's finest!  Down the Hatch is located on 292 Candlewood Lake Rd and is easily accessible by car with a short drive from the center of Brookfield or by boat as it's right on Candlewood Lake.  Down the Hatch isn't known for it's amazing food, but has a great atmosphere.  Many of my friends go to eat there regularly because of how easy to access it is.

2. El Coyote

El Coyote has surprisingly good Mexican food for being located right on Federal Road.  Usually you'll need to head over to Puerto Vallarta, Arturo's or Salsa Fesca Mexican Grill in Danbury to get authentic Mexican food.  El Coyote is located at 270 Federal Road, Brookfield, CT 06804, but I included some easy to follow driving directions below.

3. Maggie McFly's

Many Brookfield residents will argue that Maggie's should be #1, but I beg to differ.  Maggie McFly's is a great place to eat in town, but has really awkward hours.  I've been there on sunday mornings for business meetings and realized they weren't even open.  What kind of restaurant isn't open for breakfast on a Sunday morning?  A place to eat that doesn't want to be in business long is my guess!

4. Pulcinella Wood-Fired Pizza

Personally, I'm not too big a fan of pizza in general which is why Pulcinella's Wood Fired Pizza claims the 4th spot on my list despite it's great reviews.  Located on 640 Federal Road this pizza joint isn't known for their delivery, but rather for their very good pizza.  Just thinking about pizza is making me hungry... even though I don't really like pizza!  Anyways if you're looking for a great place to eat on a Friday night in Brookfield, CT then definitely check out Pulcinella's.

5.  O'Connor's Public House

I love O'Connor's because of the beer not the food.  The food at O'Connor's is just OK, but their bar is stellar.  As you walk inside this cozy bar you'll notice this place has a real history to it.  Located on 317 Federal Rd this Irish Pub is quite the place to get a drink.  It attracts a younger crowd on most Friday & Saturday nights.

6.  La Familia Pizza & Pasta of Brookfield

Located on 14 Candlewood Lake road this pizza place is much more than meets the eye.  I personally think Domino's has better pies, but remember I'm not a pizza guy.  The reason that La Familia Pizza even makes the list is because pizza lovers rave about this joint.  They use La Familia in the same sentence as Pepe's.  Pepe's Pizza in Danbury, CT is one of the best in Connecticut.

7.  Five Guys

I know that Five Guys isn't really a restaurant, but I had to mention it.  If you're in the mood for a good burger than you've got to stop by Five Gu8ys on 121 Federal Road in Brookfield, Connecticut.  They'll have a burger out to you quick and it'll fill you up.  I'm a big eater, but I've never been able to handle more than 2 burgers from Five Guys.

8.  Golden Leaf

There are many Chinese and Japanse restaurants scattered throughout the town of Brookfield, but the Golden Leaf is one of the best.  It's mainly a quick bite takeout kind of place, but certainly worth the trip.  I know that many people love Main Moon as well, but I wasn't very impressed by their food.

9.  Al's Cookout

Al's Cookout is located right on Candlewood Lake road nearby Down the Hatch.  They are very well known for their amazing wings.  It's got a bit of a southern atmosphere and most of the people eating there are families or college kids.  Those wings are simply amazing.  TK's wings are about half the size of the monsters that they have at Al's Cookout.  If you're a wing guy then definitely check out this place.

10.  Jester's Coffee

Jester's Coffee is about as much of a restaurant as Five Guys, but it needs to be mentioned.  The coffee there is out of this world.  It's an amazing place to go for a quick bite in the morning.